AccuFlood serves individuals and Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Institutions of all
sizes with an unwavering commitment to orchestrate outstanding customer
experiences which translates directly to satisfaction and loyalty. 
Since 2004, AccuFlood's drive for excellence and knowledge of client preferences 
pervades the Flood Zone Determination Industry. 

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ACCUFLOODS Life-of_Loan (LOL) and Basic Automated and Manual Flood Zone Determinations are completed for any residential or commercial property in the 
United States and delivered to you instantly in PDF format for ease of  printing.

TECHNOLOGY - AccuFlood  has utilized the most advanced cartographic and computer techniques through LPS with robust pioneering technology that has been highly sought after.

PRICING - AccuFlood focuses on flood zone determinations exclusively.  This enables us to be one of the most competitively priced flood zone determination companies in the nation.  You may order a single report or a quantity. We will be happy to provide you details with no further obligation.

ORDERING - AccuFlood offers convenient ordering methods from our Online Network, via telephone or by Facsimile.

SERVICE - AccuFlood's Client Services Team is one of our strongest
 assets. Professional, friendly and proactive service is what you can look forward to.
 You may service your account  online at, by facsimile or by speaking to an account specialist. 

SPEED - AccuFlood's Automated Flood Zone Determinations are completed within seconds and delivered to you via PDF format directly to your desktop. Manual Flood Zone Determinations are typically completed within 1 - 4 business hours.

ACCURACY - The most accurate cartographic techniques and the most advanced computer techniques through LPS have always been applied so the recipients of our reports can have great assurance that the information is accurate and correct.  Although we have never had a claim, we are backed by a $15,000,000 E & O Policy.

HIT-RATE - AccuFlood's utilizes a database that is one of the largest in the country and has an outstanding average hit rate of 91% on the automation portion.

Nationwide Flood Zone Determinations